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"Mindful Coaching Atelier"

Mindful Coaching Atelier is founded by Seda Tükenmez (ACC/ICF)  

in 2021 in Germany with the passion of partnering with “YOU” .

My certificates:

  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation) – ACC/ICF
  • Executive Professional Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Execute & Team Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Accredited Mentoring (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)


  • Member of International Coaching Federation

My background

12 years of international engineering experience in professional business life


    • MBA Degree – Bahcesehir University – Istanbul, Turkey
    • Industrial Engineering Exchange Student – Carolo Wilhelmina Technical University – Braunschweig, Germany
    • Industrial Engineering – Uludag University – Turkey
If you are interested to learn more about me, then please check out my Linkedin profile @Seda Tükenmez