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"Everyone has their own
individual way"

Focusing on "YOU"

Investing in "YOU"

Bringing the best out of "YOU"


Why Coaching?

The world is more complicated and full of challenges when we do not know our indiviual way in which we are best to improve ourselves.

We partner with “YOU” to find “YOUR” own best way.

Coaching is a significant investment in “YOU”.

Everyone is unique

Individual conversations focusing on "YOU" with future-oriented & determined targets

Investment in "YOU"

Self investment to get clearer mind on your personal & business goals

Regular & Fixed Term Communication

Structured & fixed appointments

Now via "online" platforms, as well

Step by step approach

Target definition based on your previous learning & grow experiences

What we do?

We find “YOUR” individual way to grow.

“YOU” and “TARGET” oriented conversations with a highly trained and experienced partner by using “The Positive Intelligence” Method by Coach Shirzad®.

"YOU" based "Expat Life" oriented coaching

You are changing your job as well as the country you live in? Then it is just normal that there can be some uncertainties in your mind. We'll focus on YOUR SUCCESS, in your profession and as a person, in order to gain clarity and move forward.

The world is more challeging when you live abroad. We bring clarity in your life.

"YOU" based "Executive & Team" coaching

In your profession, you are a team member or even a team leader? You are not aware of your strengths, you feel like you got lost or you do not have a clear mind how to use your skills and qualities? Then this is for "YOU".

Executive Professional Life / Team Coaching. Focused on your strengths and how to use them in the most efficient way.

"YOU" based coaching

Have you ever worked on "YOU"? The Positive Intelligence by Coach Shirzad® is the recommended method to work on your saboteurs and your sage to maximize your potential to reach success while being happy.

Intensive "YOU" based conversations with focus on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-esteem, your strengths as well as relationships

"YOU" based "Professional Life" oriented coaching

No matter whether you have a specific target ahead of you or you are not sure where to start yet, this is for "YOU".

Professional life oriented conversations based on your strengths

Relationship oriented coaching

You are facing obstacles in your personal relationships and you want to improve the emotional bonds to those close to you? Then this is for "YOU".

Maintaining relationships can be challenging at times. However, there is always a way. It is our endeavor to find it.

"WE" based "Workshops"

We come together to discover our strengths and inspire each other. We call these "WeWorkshops". Also, if you are a group of people seeking professional guidance, please let us know. Individual plans are always possible.

Group coaching always focused on finding good opportunities to get to know & inspire each other.

About Me

We Are Shaping The Future Together

The Mindful Coaching Atelier, 

founded by executive professional coach, 

Seda Tükenmez, Eng., MBA (ACC/ICF)

who is still active in the professional business world. 

She has been an engineer for more than ten years 

with extensive experience.

She is now offering intensive “YOU” oriented 

conversations by using her years long experience.